Who We Are?

Unearth the past, explore the present

Driven by paleontological passion, Prehistoric South strives to connect like-minded individuals through the collection, study, conservation, and appreciation of prehistoric life. 

Prehistoric South provides many avenues to divulge into your prehistoric interests:

Guided fossil hunts give you the opportunity to learn with hands-on field experience from PHS experts. Unravel the wonders of the past as you uncover fossilized bone, teeth, and shells. Take home all of your findings! 

The South-Eastern United States houses a plethora of fascinating prehistoric organism remains, minerals, and traces of indigenous peoples. This online catalogue features the “staple” creatures and treasures that once roamed the Prehistoric South. 

Our fossil store features elegantly hand-made jewelry crafted from fossils and crystals collected by Prehistoric South. Every piece is one-of-one; there will never be a piece as unique as the one you were around your neck. 

Raw fossils and crystals can also be found on our Store page; for those who wish to obtain fossils but do not possess the time or resources to go out in the field to collect. We believe in accessibility for all! 

We will be hosting online educational seminars including all things paleontology, geology, and archaeology! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all scheduled seminars. 

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Travel back to the age of the dinosaurs, in your state!

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Our Core Values

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