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Upcoming Events

Ordovician Private Fossil Hunt
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Guided tour expedition to a private fossil hunting location near Chattanooga.

Mayfest 2024
Carrollton, Georgia

Prehistoric South will be selling art, fossils, crystals, jewelry, and spreading knowledge at the Carrollton Mayfest!

Explore The ancient World of the dinosaurs

Take a private guided tour with a Prehistoric South member or learn how to discover the South’s prehistoric treasures on your own. We offer many ways to access fossils and crystals for individuals and groups of all ages. 


Here lies our core. The discovery, preservation, and appreciation of prehistoric life and minerals from the Southeastern United States. 

Recent Expedition: PEace river, Florida 2024

This past weekend, Prehistoric South CEO Jesse and novice “Hunter” Michael explored the primal, yet tranquil, Peace River in Florida, USA. They kayaked many miles on the waterway, stopping at various locations to dig in gravel banks and extract fossilized treasures! The Expedition was very fruitful; dozens of fossilized shark teeth were collected, along with hundreds of fossilized mammalian bone fragments, fish vertebrae, rodent teeth/bone, and Miocene aged seashells.